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About Ministry


Vision – Mission

The Ministry ​of Education, the Egyptian for the advancement of the education system by the university to achieve greater access and absorption, through the educational system, high-quality, in order to build the Egyptian citizen, according to the system of values of civilization and humanity a system of decentralized depends on community participation actor and producer.



Decentralization in education

Decentralization in pre-university education



Tenders and Practices

Areas of Work ​​



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Citizen Service

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​​​    Complaints

Public administration to serve the citizens welcomes receive all complaints and suggestions through

In addition to all the usual traditional methods (mail - Telegraph - hand to hand ......... etc.) ​​

Students Abroad

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​New - Download hard forms of students abroad to apply for exams ( special cases )​

The General Directory of Exams requests non-Egyptian students and students who did not obtain the Egyptian National No, for reasons beyond their control, to download the said forms, provide the required data and submit such forms to the competent Embassy.​​


To record and print the application form of the students at abroad, Click here

To review exams procedures and conditions of students at abroad,​ Click here ​​​